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October 1962

Suitable for General Audiences.

Radium Girls A paroled killer’s return to his home town creates havoc for a neighboring family already struggling with Cold War paranoia.

Fourteen-year-old Jeannie Timmons and her little sister Nan are fascinated by the boy down the street--but he's not just any teenager with a motorcycle. He's a convicted killer whose return to the old neighborhood has sent their mother into a panic and their father into an unexplained crisis of conscience. How far will their parents go to protect them from a danger that might not quite exist? Set during a time of Cold War paranoia, this comic drama explores the necessity of deceit in the pursuit of absolute security.

Awards & Acclaim

Finalist, Bloomington Playwrights Project, 2011 Woodward/Newman Award

“Gregory makes October 1962 one of those all-too-rare accomplished  plays where theatergoers are sure they can guess what really happened,  only to find that the playwright has led them down the wrong path of  the maze.” – Newark Star Ledger

“For their first mainstage offering of the year, the people of New Jersey Repertory Company had dropped something of a quiet bombshell—a production that sets a high bar for everything to follow.” – Asbury Park Press

Production History

Originally produced by New Jersey Repertory Co. Directed by Matthew Arbour.

Production Specifications

For 1 M, 3 F.
Running time: 2 hours