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Yellow Stockings

Suitable for Family Audiences.

A musical retelling of Twelfth Night, as a mash-up of 16th and 21st century cultures. In development.

Book by D.W. Gregory, lyrics by Sarah Knapp and D.W.G., music by Steven Alper.

After a shipwreck that claims the life of her twin brother Sebastian, Viola washes ashore on Ilyria, a country like Italy, but without all the marble. There she disguises herself as a boy to land a job as serving-man to Duke Orsino, who is too besotted with his neighbor, Lady Olivia, to notice that Viola walks kind of funny for a guy. He soon dispatches his servant to woo the lady on his behalf—but wouldn’t you know it! The Lady Olivia finds herself strangely attracted to the young man she knows as Cesario. Meanwhile her butler, Malvolio, in the throes of his own crush on Olivia, goes around the bend in a desperate effort to win her attention. It involves brightly colored hosiery—and it all happens with a song.