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Tales Between the Threads

A play for youth theatre. Suitable for family audiences.

Tales Between the Threads A classic Armenian folk tale about a bookish girl and a lazy prince who have something to teach each other.

In this classic tale of ancient Armenia, retold as a World War II bedtime story, Anait, a bookseller’s daughter, clashes with Vachagan, an intellectually lazy prince, only to fall in love and discover that they each have much to learn from one another. When the prince disappears on a mission to rescue her brother Raffi, who has vanished during a military assignment, Anait must summon all her strength to find them both and bring them home.

Production History

Originally produced by Imagination Stage as part of its Speak Out on Stage program.
Selected by Purple Crayon Players, Northwestern University, for inclusion in its reading series.

Production Specifications

For a mimimum of 5 M, 7 F to double into 25 parts. Expandable cast.